Consultations in the field of wood protection.
Woodpekka AB has contributed with results to both industries and institutions, as well has ongoing projects.
Principals are from the businesses within wood protection specifically and users of protected wooden products more generally.
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THE COMPANY – short background;

Woodpekka AB, Pekka Moilanen, has more than three decades of experience in the wide field of wood protection. He has been working in the leading positions in some of the world’s largest companies in this business. Responsibilities have varied from product development to CEO of the subsidiaries in the Nordic area.
The company Woodpekka AB was established 2003 and since then has helped different type of companies with their products in the Nordic market. These include; timber protection products and ready treated wooden products or modified wooden products.
The real success product the Thermowood introduction in the Swedish/Scandinavian area must be mentioned. Also the introduction of the different color tones of the pressure treated timber products is a contribution of Woodpekka AB.

Co operation partners/companies during the last few years have been, for example:

Rütgers Organics GmbH (DE) , Impra Wood Protection Ltd (UK) – products for wood protection

Lunawood Ltd (FIN) – Thermowood

Derome Timber AB (SE) – technical applications and investments within pressure impregnation of timber

Sioox Wood Protection AB (SE) – silica/calcium method for wood protection, on going

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